We do not eat Family!

Merry Christmas all 🙂

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog so far, I’m actually shocked at the amount of people who have actually subscribed to read my ramblings! After a positive start with constructive posts I unfortunately got struck down with some sort of mystery illness which results in regular fainting with minimal warning. Trust me to fail at the basic life skill of remaining conscious! However today has been perfectly faint free which is fabulous! I’ve still got the ingredients and equipment for my next 3 cake tutorials in the kitchen so fingers crossed my brain sorts itself out soon and I actually remain cold-free long enough to bake without infecting people! 

Massive thank you to this lovely lady in the photo below and her family for dealing with my temporary lapse of life skills on our trip to the pub the other night. After two sips of a drink I managed to pass out and dump the entire Jack Daniels and coke into my Ugg Boot and down her leg! True friends forgive you for ruining their jeans though and scoop you up the best they can, I’m a very lucky creature 😍. Still have not decided what was more heartbreaking, the loss of a whole double Jack Daniels and Coke or the filling of a beautiful Ugg Boot with said JD and Coke. It’s a tough one. Thank you however to the door staff and management of The Surrey Arms for being the first bar/club not to treat me like a drunk when I’ve fainted. Also thank you for taking such great care of me after and ensuring I still had a brilliant Christmas Eve Eve! 

Have spent most of the day trying to educate my dog on family etiquette as my hamster Brunch has joined us at my parents for Christmas. (Christmas is for everyone no matter how small!) Bobby the dog however was not too impressed by this and has spent the day squaring up to Brunch and eyeing him up as a post Christmas Dinner snack. After a few talks about how we don’t eat family the two have bonded and spent a lot of time nose to nose through the bars of the cage. I think Bobby’s Crimbo snack has now turned into a bit of a fascination. 

I have been well and truely spoilt today and have gained a lot of furniture and useful things I needed for my new flat which is just so kind and thoughtful as these things really do add up financially. It’s also so nice to have something your loved ones bought you move in with you, especially as I am moving further away from them. 

I honestly think Christmas gets even better as you get older. The feeling of getting something perfect for that person, wrapping it up and eagerly waiting for them to unwrap it on Christmas morning is the best part of Christmas! 

Hope you all had a lovely day with your loved ones. Christmas is definitely not about what is under the tree, it is the people who are around the tree with you that make the day. 

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