January – Caving at Cheddar Gorge

Not much was achieved at the flat on Day 8 – But a lot of other things were!

Pinky & Perky's CIN Challenge

Hello! Today was the day that we completed our first challenge for Children In Need. We left at around 8:45 to make the two hour drive down to Cheddar in Somerset:

On our drive down to Cheddar we drove past Stone Henge! It is fascinating to wonder how they actually got those stones up there. For anyone who does not know what Stone Henge is (well you never know who could be reading!) here is a lovely little picture thanks to English Heritage:


Cheddar Gorge is located in Somerset and it is where Cheddar cheese comes from! After seeing all the  cheese lined up in the caves we now know exactly what they mean by cave-aged cheddar!!

Once we got to Cheddar we were a bit early so got to have a look around. There are so many traditional and old shops including the one below which did wooden carvings…

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