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Day 6 – Banned

The flat is being glossed today so I was not allowed in through fear of sticking to a newly glossed door or smudging a painted skirting board. The decorators banned me which is pretty much fair game as I am incredibly prone to falling over my own feet and genuinely cannot be trusted. That’s ok though because I had a very successful trip to IKEA and the Range in Reading instead. I demonstrated the exact reason why I was banned when we went to IKEA and mother trod on the back of my shoe and I stacked it going up the escalator. It is a good thing I am used to these moments.

I did pop back to the flat afterwards though as I bought a doormat. So under the pretence of “dropping off the new doormat” I snuck to the flat. Anyone who knows me personally will know that I am a bit of a hedgehog. Prickly on the outside (in personality, not physical appearance thank you very much), prone to frequent hibernation and runs away to curl up into a small spiky ball when scared. However once you get past that grumpy spiky appearance (or I have had a cup of coffee / it is past 8am in the morning) I am the craziest but friendliest person you will ever meet.


Got this little creation from the Range. So if you ever come to visit me you’ll know I’m the flat with the bonkers doormat. Dad hates it though so I have been warned there is a very high chance of a little bit of paint falling its way onto it. He wouldn’t dare I’m sure…

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Hogging the Hedge

The things that stick…

I was having dinner with my flatmate, her other half and my friend a couple of nights ago when we got into a discussion of remembering things. It is funny what things we remember and the things that stick with us. What is it that makes a memory stick?

Ellie was talking about a night we had out many years ago which I had no memory of, yet it is something she has always remembered. We could not figure out how long ago it was but we did know that a lot of wine was consumed. Mainly by me. As I am not a very big drinker this took me by surprise, could it really be my drunken self that was a defining memory of our friendship?! We were in a taxi driving back from town and apparently they dropped me off home first. I got out of the taxi and fell straight into a hedge outside my parents house.

My Friends leapt our of our taxi to come and retrieve me from this hedge that I had managed to get myself well and truly stuck in. Although I have no recollection  of this event I have been told that hedges are very difficult to get out of. You fall into them very easily as all the branches and leaves just give way, but trying to get out of the hedge is not easy as the branches do not offer enough support to push yourself out of the hedge.

Anyway Ellie attempts to pull me out of the hedge, I look at her with 100% seriousness and inform her that “I am a Hedgehog”

“Why are you a Hedgehog Samie?”

“Because I am Hogging the Hedge”


How she managed to get me out of the hedge I will never know, but I was so disappointed in myself for not remembering this, and so proud of my drunken 19 Year Old self for such a fabulous pun.

Fear not my lovely friends, I too have lots of stories to tell about you…