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‘Tis the Season to Give Blood

Anyone who knows me will know that when I’m scared I have this unfortunate habit of breaking out into Christmas Songs as my coping mechanism. Unfortunately for those around me I am not gifted in the vocal department and resemble a poor little ally cat who has trod on a drawing pin when I attempt to sing. I also neglect to take into account the time of year. 

Back in June a few years ago two of my friends were subjected to this torture while they each had a hand crushed by me as a rather brash doctor stitched my head back together. Apparently I was the highlight of the nurses night that night, well I do aim to please. 

Luckily for me due to my amazing rendition of Deck the Halls with the lyrics ever so subtly changed to “Give the Blood” I managed to sacrifice a few tubes of blood to an amazing nurse tonight who actually managed to find a vein! Makes a lovely change to having every vein in my arm prodded and still refusing to cooperate! 

So thank you lovely nurse at the doctors’ surgery this evening who did a quacking job, I apologise for your ears, and thank you for my sticker. 

I do apologise for the pretty boring blog post tonight, but that was sadly my whole day!

Here is a photo of my beautiful boy thinking he is a human in an attempt to make up for it. The absolute sweetheart has stayed with me all day to make sure I was ok. Never underestimate the love of a pet!