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Happy New Year 

It’s New Years Day and while I would love to say that I’ve kicked off this year in a positive fashion I regretfully have to admit that I have not. After a very mixed New Years Eve I have not achieved much so far this year, but that’s ok because we still have 364 days to go. I did not feel that I had a positive 2016 either, however looking back to the 31st of December 2015 at how much has changed has proven otherwise. 

It’s scary to think that within a month I will have moved into my new home. (Providing nothing goes wrong!) I can’t wait to have that key in my hand and actually be a home owner. I seem to be doing this whole Adulting thing rather well lately! 

There are so many people piling on the pressure for a “New Year, New Me” but why do we need that? Surely unless you’re the scum of the earth “New Year, Improved Me” will do nicely? 

Happy New Year 🙂