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December 11th’s Duck of the Day – Quackers the Duck Soap

So my flatmate has just gone for a shower. That is where I got my inspiration for today’s Duck of the Day.

Today’s Duck is Quackers. Quackers is a lovely shea butter soap in duck form! Picture below. Yes picture of the duck, not my flatmate in the shower… sorry to disappoint, but we are not that kind of blog.

How cute is he! I sense a whole new brand about to emerge here. I mean “Dove” is a brand of soap, so why not “Duck”? Oh wait, probably because it is already a toilet cleaner. You don’t want to wash with the same thing you clean your loo with.

Update on shower status: Flatmate has emerged from the shower as I am halfway through this post. We are now on the subject of duck and soap related puns and I just really had to share her golden egg of tonight. “Imperial Feather”. I can’t breathe 😂😂😂. Shortly followed by “Molton Down” and “Radux”.

Anyway, I found Quackers the Duck soap on notonthehighstreet.com. Click here to view. You definitely need to buy this. You shower right? Shower in style! #BeakyClean

December 3rd’s Duck of the Day – Harry Ponder

Another Day another Duck. This time chosen by Emma.

I have to say that if I had my way this duck would be Harry Quacker, not Harry Ponder. But do not let this take away from what is a fabulous duck.

“Harry Ponder and the Ducky Shallows”. This does kind of open the door for all sorts of duck related sequels.

“Harry Ponder and the Peregrine of Aquaban”

“Harry Ponder and the Hummingbird Prince”

“Harry Ponder and the Giblet of Fire”

“Heron Potter and the Chamber of Sea Ducks”

“Harry Ponder and the Deathly Bill” – Actually we will disregard this one. Sounds like one of my mortgage payments.

Credit to my lovely flatmate Ellie for her help with the Harry Potter duck related puns. I live with this amazing human and yes we find ways to amuse ourselves, we’re so punny. Yes that was dreadful I can only apologise. Obliviate.

Anyway less of us and back to Harry;

Harry Ponder is available from Celebriducks by clicking here and also from The Duck House by clicking here. Also available on Amazon at the moment with delivery in time for Christmas!!

Why is this not in your basket yet?!

December 2nd’s Duck of the Day – Snow Duck

Winter is most definitely here so today’s Duck of the Day is the Snow Duck as chosen by Suzie.

Also sold by The Duck House, if you have not guessed by now this little shop is most definitely a favourite!

Click here for the Snow Duck!

There is a full winter collection available for Christmas 2018! Will make a lovely stocking filler or decoration for the festive period, and unlike a snowman this little snow duck will survive the spring! I have been reliably informed that there is zero chance of melting.

So next time you are asked “Do you wanna build a snow man?” you can keep your feet up with a cuppa tea and relax, because you’ve gone one better and got yourself a Snow Duck!

Let’s hope Snow Duck brings us some snow!

December 1st’s Duck of the Day – Flamingduck

Day one’s Duck has been picked by my lovely flatmate.

Here is the Flamingo Duck sold by The Duck House in Brighton.

Don’t be confused by this Flamingduck’s confused expression, he will make a lovely stocking filler for any animal/bird lover. Although I have to admit he does look like he is judging you. We will rename you Judgey Flamingduck.

Flamingo’s were hot this year. Think stationary, pool floats, flip flops! Perfect little addition for any flamingo collector 🙂

Check out the Flamingo Duck here

December’s Ducks of the Day

I keep being told that I do not blog enough. Therefore I would like to introduce to you December’s Ducks of the Day. Each day will feature a different duck and trust me these make amazing stocking fillers :).

I was incredibly tempted by the 12 Ducks of Duckmas. But why stop at 12 when there’s 31 days in December? That really would be quackers.

Today’s top 10 Quirky Stocking Fillers under Â£10

I am slacking in terms of Christmas Shopping this year. Normally I am the sort who has done all my shopping before November hits and then by December it’s all wrapped with ribbons and bows waiting to be shipped to the North Pole for Santa to deliver. This year however the only present I have purchased is for the Hamster and even that is still sat in my Amazon basket awaiting check out. I am currently travelling 2 hours for work so definitely going to utilise this time to do some shopping! So here are the 10 Christmas Stocking Fillers (in no particular order as I am too indecisive) located from the middle of the M25.

1) – Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter 

Na-Na-Na-Na-Na Batman Breakfast! 

This little set is only £6.99 from the lovely little shopping haven that is iwantoneofthose.com. I don’t even eat egg, or toast, but just looking at this cheers me up. How could anyone’s morning not be brightened with this Batman themed breakfast? Batman’s removable mask will keep the egg warm until you’re ready to quack it open and with the cutters you can have perfect batman symbol toast shapes to dip. Also currently on a 3 for £20 mix and match promo! 

2) – Charity Candy Canes

These will cost you £3.99 from findmeagift.co.uk. A candy cane is a traditional little touch to a Christmas stocking and by choosing these ones you are also helping Happy Days Children’s Charity. Every box sold means £1 for the charity and considering they are only £3.99 to begin with it is nice to know that we are giving something to help others who need it as well as giving gifts to family and friends. 

3) – Slush Cuppy

The Slushy Cuppy turns any drink into a Slush Puppy! Reminds me of school holidays when Nan used to take me and the Brother for a Slush Puppy and we’d compete to see who’s tongue would turn the bluest. £9.99 from firebox.com so maybe pushing the limit for a stocking filler or Secret Santa but looks like a really good product with good reviews.

4) – Whisky Rockers

These clever little glasses can be rocked and spun and still won’t spill a drop! Currently only £6.99 from IWOOT and also part of the 3 for £20 offer. I am a Whisky lover… hint hint.

5) – Chocolate Sprouts 

There are two types of people at Christmas, Sprout Lovers and Sprout haters. Either way these little chocolate sprouts make a cute little stocking filler. They are available in either milk chocolate or dark chocolate and mint and are £6 for a small bag or £9.95 for the box shown below ft rom notonthehighstreet.com. 

6) – Allergy to Idiots Mints

Findmeagift.co.uk for only £1.99 makes a good secret Santa present for colleagues or friends. Also available in Anti-Snoring Mints, Allergy to Housework and Allergy to Mondays. Success rate is currently unknown. 

7) – Half a Wine Glass or a Bottle? 

How this wine glass stands up I’m not too sure but it is great for those times when you ask for “just half a glass” and some bugger fills it all the way up. Now that is impossible due to this half a glass. £5.99 from Menkind. Good quirky little present for a wine lover. 

For when those times when half a glass is not needed, on the opposite end of the spectrum is this glass for £9.99 which can hold over a bottle. Sounds like my kind of glass.

8) – Choc-o-lait Hot Chocolate on a Stick

These make a lovely little stocking filler for just about anyone! They are availabile in so many different flavours ranging from Milk Chocolate, Mint and White Chocolate to Caramel, Coconut and Cointrau. You can buy them at Choco-o-lait.co.uk for £15.75 for 24 sticks (79p a stick!!) or you can buy them individually from other retailers (google is your friend, prices vary so shop around!)

9) – Animal Toothbrush Holders

One for the kids. This stocking filler is both quirky, useful and hygienic! Avliable in 4 different animals from totally-funky.co.uk for £7.99. Choose from Bella Bird, Diego Dinosaur, Grace Giraffe and Sid Snake. More aimed at kids I agree but I thought they were pretty cool!

Check out Larry the Lizard Also! 

These can stick on the wall! 
10) – The Procrastinator Timewaster

I love this and I’m a frequent procrastinator. It is a doodle pad with 100’s of activities for an avid procrastinator and can be easily hidden in the case so no one will ever be aware of your procrastination! Sneaky Much. This is £9.95 from Prezzybox.com

I am that good of a procrastinator that I have successfully wasted most of my journey round the M25. However I have still done no shopping for the lovely people in my life, fear not I’m sure Santa will surprise you Christmas morning, if you’ve been good that is!