February – Climbing the O2

February’s Children In Need Adventure! A lot more money made for Children In Need, thank you for all your support. Click here to visit the original Children In Need Blog

Pinky & Perky's CIN Challenge


So our February challenge was to climb the O2 arena in London. We had no idea how much thought actually goes into constructing buildings like this, we have 52 metres which is one metre for every week of the year. It is 365 metres wide which is 1 metre for every day of the year, unless of course it is a leap year but we won’t count that. There are 12 pillars which is one for every month of the year and these are also arranged to look like a clock! For our last challenge we went caving through Cheddar Gorge so it was quite ironic that after spending 90 minutes climbing through and under a landmark we were now going to be spending 90 minutes climbing over one.

Below is our video which we filmed on the way to the O2.

Halfway on our way to London we…

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